15 Jan 2019

Where to Find Real Estate Agent Reviews

If you’re looking for real and unbiased statistics and review of all real estate agents in Australia, you can search the site – Rate My Agent. Here’s the link to my statistics – www.ratemyagent.com.au

12 May 2016

Brendan’s Blog – Noteworthy Articles

              Each month, I’ll share with you an article or two that I think people interested in property might find of value. ‘What it would it take for Australian property to crash?’ http://goo.gl/C5XoTr By James Mitchell   ‘How a fishing trip inspired my multi-million dollar portfolio’ http://goo.gl/MqFJhM By Georgie…Read More→

12 May 2016

Tannah’s Tips – The Pre-Settlement Inspection

              When buying or selling a property, one of the last things to happen before settlement is the pre-settlement inspection which can also be known as the final inspection. The pre-settlement inspection is designed to ensure that the property is still in the same condition as it was when…Read More→