Tannah’s Tips – The Pre-Settlement Inspection

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When buying or selling a property, one of the last things to happen before settlement is the pre-settlement inspection which can also be known as the final inspection.

The pre-settlement inspection is designed to ensure that the property is still in the same condition as it was when the contracts were exchanged.

Here’s a few handy questions to ask yourself when completing the inspection

  1. Is everything that was in working order still in working order?
  2. Do the items included in the sale still remain on the property?
  3. Are all the water taps running normally and the hot water system working?
  4. Has there been any serious damage to anything? (other than through normal wear and tear)
  5. Have there been any other items or excess rubbish left on the property?

Although it is polite for the seller to leave the property in a clean state, there is no clause in the contract which forces them to do so.

It’s good not to be too picky about these things, if the issue is small then try to look past it but if you consider the issue to be serious then you can talk to your solicitor or conveyancer to resolve the problem.