Tips For A Winter Sale

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People think that spring is the best time to sell because that’s what they hear in the media, they hear about all those properties that are going on the market in spring. Yes spring is when a lot of people get their houses on the market and so therefore there’s a lot more competition, The thing about winter is, that it doesn’t actually stop people from doing things like getting married, having children, changing jobs, so there is still a need to buy houses. So, it’s actually a great time to sell and in fact the proof is in the pudding. Right now every house that I’ve got on the market is getting record numbers of people coming through and everybody is complaining that there’s just not enough to buy. So, if you are going to sell in winter, what are some ideas of how to get the most out of your sale? In my experience as a real estate agent, particularly in the Gymea Bay area, these tips will help:

Tip number one is to think about your heating. People don’t want to come from a really cold winter day into a house that could sometimes be even colder, particularly if it’s a sunny day, and they’ve being driving around, they are in their car, they are warm, they’ve got the sunshine on them and then they come into your house that is absolutely freezing. So make sure that you do put some heating on before your open your home. The agent should know to turn heaters on, but by then it’s probably been too late. So, get the heaters on before people get there so that they walk in and feel at home right

Tip number two for a winter sale is lighting. As the days are shorter, and the sun is lower, it’s normally is a little bit darker inside the house. So you need to make sure that before the open home starts, you turn on every light of the house. you might think that people will say this is a bit obvious but it’s not, people don’t really notice where the light source is coming from, they just see that there’s light. So make sure you get all your lights on, and if you don’t have appropriate lighting for the house, do get the appropriate lighting, invest in some lamps and make sure that you’ve got the right voltage of light bulbs so you know that it will be lovely and bright. If you use the low voltage bulbs make sure you’re turning the lights on before any potential buyers get there because sometimes they can take a little while to get to the peak of their brightness.Corella-lounge

Tip number three is all about warming up your home in a decorating sense, the more bright, warm and soft furnishings the better. As the days are a bit more dull during the winter months it’s always a good idea to add some brightness to the home. Warm coloured pillows on the couch and beds can make a massive difference in the look of the whole house. If you’ve got timber or tiled floors try and get a warm rug to throw down so that people don’t get a chill from the cold flooring. A vase of flowers is always good to add a splash of colour and a touch of spring to the home, remember that the aim is to make the potential buyer feel comfortable and excited in your home so that they begin visualising it as their own.warm colours

Tip number four is about the outside of your home. now, your garden is not going be at its best but do make sure you give everything a treatment so there are no dead flowers left from spring, all the weeds have been pulled out and any bushes that have started to go a bit wild are nicely trimmed. Mulching all garden beds will make w world of difference. Another nice tip is if you have a nice little sunny spot in your garden, you can always dress that up before people come over for the open house, you can put a nice comfy chair out there, maybe a daybed, again with some warm colourful cushions, you can even put a couple of books out there to show people what the area can be used for. And again it’s just about creating the idea in people’s mind of them living there.outdoor room
I hope these tips are useful to you.
If you have any further questions, I’d be happy to chat with you about how to maximise your property to get the highest price.